Housing Counseling Programs
Broadening Housing Opportunity : Regional Mobility Program
The story of mobility in assisted housing is, mainly, a story of families. Very poor families, from neighborhoods where most people are poor, crime is rampant, jobs are scarce, and schools struggle with inadequate resources, choose to move to neighborhoods where they can feel safe, where jobs are more plentiful, and schools more effective. For many such families, this move may be a step toward self-sufficiency. Housing Mobility : Realizing the Promise.*

HOME INC operates its Housing Counseling and Regional Mobility Programs under a contract with the State of Connecticut, and collaborates closely with the state's rental subsidy administrators and housing authorities. These programs seek to maximize the use of available housing subsidies and to offer housing opportunities in low-poverty areas of South Central and Southeastern Connecticut.  Participation is purely voluntary, for both the resident and the eventual landlord. HOME INC assists participants by maintaining a list of available homes, preparing them for their search, orienting them to available services, helping them resolve outstanding credit problems, and assisting landlords with government programs.

The program's successful participants have told us that they are proud of their new homes and are very happy that their children are getting the opportunity for a better quality of life.  One recent (2012) client who successfully found a permanent home reported:  "I didn't want to end up back in my car or shelter or worse.  With HOME INC's help, I knew I had a chance.  [HOME INC] helped me put it back together." 

Sidebar :
Available research, still too limited to be definitive, suggests that, for children in particular, the move can be a giant step, enabling them to achieve in school and as adults. Housing Mobility : Realizing the Promise*

HOME INC's Relocation Program
Over its nearly 20 years' of operation, HOME INC's counseling program has served the City of New Haven, Housing Authority of New Haven, and private clients to provide respectful, humane, and thorough relocation services.   Services include identifying new homes and providing moving assistance and benefit payments. In addition, HOME INC will take this opportunity to counsel affected families about regional housing opportunities, including areas in non-traditional areas that the affected families may not have considered.

*The book's full title is "Housing Mobility : Realizing the Promise. Report from the Second National Conference on Assisted Housing Mobility. Margery Austin Turner and Kale Williams. The Urban Institute, January 1998."