Who we are

We are an award-winning provider of affordable housing helping to build a movement for long-lasting, deeply affordable housing in South Central Connecticut. Long-term quality and responsiveness to residents have marked our work. Through management, counseling, and development, we build contextual, small-scale, communities, assist non-profit service organizations and broaden housing opportunities.

a close up of a tree with many flowers
a close up of a tree with many flowers

How we began

Community leaders concerned about rising homelessness and gentrification gathered in 1986 to identify specific unmet affordable housing needs in the New Haven region. These visionaries committed to support several new initiatives, including ours. We opened our doors in mid-1988. Over these 35+ years, we have built an impressive array of types of affordable housing and collaborated with many other non-profits to help them achieve their dreams. Today, we manage eight developments in four Connecticut communities.

Our team

Brett Hill

Founder / President


Charles Venturi

Director of Property Management


Lisa Loiaza

Accounting Manager


Shellina Toure

Board chair